last day I went to cinema, catch a  movie with students Ilmu Studia. Umirah my friend accompany me go to cinema. we was at Wangsa Walk yesterday. we arrived at time 11.00 pm. Sir Ven asked to us to go anywhere and be at the cinema at time 2.00 pm. and the best thing at there is I met Lisa Surihani. kau ada? OMEGEE. I loikee. 

kau tak caya? meh arr tgk gamborrr ;)

time ni tak dapat tangkap pic ngan Lisa ag. and saw her mummy. apa ag terjahh!

Lisa Surihani 


so korang dah caya? good humans (:

nobody perfect in these worldwide, if You think what I saying is wrong just tell me and I try to be the best person.. enjoy reading and have nice day ♥