a day

okay half day i've stay at my own room, I wait from others text, tp tak text2, okay itu bhahahbi (: and I've a lot patient of me. brr Alhamdulillah. I'm so sorry for my nephew, I ignoring her because I dont know what I should talk to her. so let her watch cartoon. HAHA 

at 8.30am-12.00pm I've helped my mum cook for the ayah's program. saya tau saya ank yg baik :p
after that rushing mkn and accompany mum go to Semenyih, in car I am sooo tired. when we arrived I saw my house, OMG lambat nya umah ni nak siap. brrrrb!

aku sampai umah edit blog, on twitter, fb, watching video, one of them is Anwar Hadi had. lama tgu dia upload video ini baru dpt. and going to solah. kwn2 jum solat? okay Selamat Tinggal :D

nobody perfect in these worldwide, if You think what I saying is wrong just tell me and I try to be the best person.. enjoy reading and have nice day ♥