samsung corby II

At the first I want to say, Alhamdulillah and a thousand thank you to my mum. she has fulfilled my desire, I have been craving this thing have long time ago before SPM started. and to Adilah Nordin kau jgn cakap aku tiru kau! okayyyyyyy AHAHA dah 'ter'kebetulan fon kita 'ter'sama kan :p. 
I have change my fon because a few reasons :
i- fon sony dah rosak
ii-tukar fon nokia mak
iii-fon nokia batery cepat mati
iv-housing nokia dah bengong

#I think the reasons are hard to prove I should change the phone  :)

semalam saya ada share kat Mr. B saya, dia punya respon mcm apa je, okay fine touchingggg kbai :'(

nobody perfect in these worldwide, if You think what I saying is wrong just tell me and I try to be the best person.. enjoy reading and have nice day ♥